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Schools & Education

Electronic Displays allow the user convey varying information to large audiences in an eye-catching manor both quickly and efficiently.  They provide students, parents and faculty with real-time information about school activities and schedules. These displays are ideal for high traffic areas such as admin blocks, main hallways and entrances.

The Displays can be adapted to integrate with an existing static entrance signage, the electronic display can be the main focus or can simply be an ‘add’ on to inform students and visitors of news or special events occurring that day.

The displays can be either a simple display, single, bi-line or multi line sign purely used as a welcome board with general information, or they can be all the more complex, with custom graphics (40km  zones), built into or onto buildings, on plinths or poles, directly by the entrance doors.

LEDs are energy efficient and consume less energy to produce brighter illuminated displays that creates much greater readability and flexibility of use than traditional signs and billboards. Our signs are at the forefront of technology, are very reliable and have a projected operational lifespan  of 100 000 hours.

Features & Specifications:

  1. 8 pre-defined graphs, 8 user-defined graph,
  2. 30 pre-graphic symbols such as phone, car, clock, rocket, etc.
  3. 8 pre-defined phrases and animations such as 'Merry Chrismas'
  1. white casing to reduce heat absorption
  1. Front service access for signs up to 1.2m tall, back service access thereafter,
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