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Custom Design Displays

We can produce custom Electronic Displays, designed and developed to completely suit your particular type of requirement or application.

With a certain degree of flexibility the displays can run around an object whether it is a right angle or a curve, it can be sunken into a surface to make it flush, run up walls, recessed into floors, placed virtually behind opaque glass or run across ceilings.

A combination of Standard Electronic Displays can be mounted in a large casing to convey a wide variety of differing types of information. Or completely non Standard Electronic Displays can be designed, developed and built from scratch, i.e. 2 meter high characters on a 42 meter long External Display!!

Simple LED Electronic Display can be enhanced greatly by using a larger case to incorporate corporate logos or static lettering. The casing can be finished in any way you wish, either using different colored finishes or complex graphics to give your display its own individual look.

We can and do develop firmware alterations to make an electronic display function in a particular way, i.e. Text reading vertically in a vertical display

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