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Have continued peace of mind with an affordable  Extended Warranty

As a company PED Signs (Formally, Polycomp Electronic Displays PTY LTD) is dedicated to the design, supply, commission & support of LED systems.  

Our emphasis is not only the sale of the product, but also providing the correct product for the application at hand, in conjunction with a high level of  ‘after sales care’ and support... a total commitment to every customer, through all phases of their project, as we believe it these aspects that will grow the confidence in the brand and, the brand recognition.

OVER 22 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD OF LED DISPLAYS - Benefit from our extensive knowledge of the evolving technology.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - The experience and knowledge to manage LED projects from conception to completion.

CUSTOM DESIGN DISPLAYS - From simple addition of graphics to complete customized board design.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION - Flexibility of design to assist and simplify integration into your existing systems, databases, management systems etc.