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Profile of the Owner - Nir Eshed

Nir Eshed began working in the Electronic Display industry in 1990 when he was appointed as the Production Manager at PolyComp (Pty) Ltd.  PolyComp is a designer and manufacturer of electronic displays, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.   

After a few years, he decided to 'strike' out on his own and try his hand at sales.  Nir moved to the province (state) of KwaZulu Natal and opened an autonomously run agency for the sale of PolyComp signage & peripherals.   The agency did extremely well, and held about 95% of the market share, for Electronic Signage, in the state.  

During 2003, a decision was taken by the two directors of Polycomp and Nir, to open an Australian based Head Office and Assembly Plant.  The Australian company was called Polycomp Electronic Displays Pty Ltd,

its purpose, to supply & support the growing Australasian market.  

In 2010, that company underwent a major re-shuffle and was renamed PED Signs Pty Ltd.

Over the past 22 years Nir has built up a vast knowledge of all aspects of Electronic Signs... from design to assembly to repair, he is able to apply that knowledge to supply the customer with the best possible service.